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Costa Rica

Welcome to the Solar Roof Costa Rica

at the Colegio Humboldt, San José

In March 2009 Steca Elektronik GmbH and SUNSET Solar an der Humboldt Schule, San José installed two solar thermal systems, a grid connected PV-system, two solar street lamps and a backup-system for hot water and electricity production.

Thanks to the solar systems the school is able to cover a part of its energy needs in an environmentally friendly way. The solar thermal system heats up water for the showers and for the kitchen.

A grid-connected PV system will be used to feed the sun’s energy into the schools power grid.

One of the solar street lamps with Steca charge controllers lightens the schools entrance, the other one the sports place.

A PV Island system works as a backup for the electronic equipment of the school.

The project is implemented as part of the dena Solar Roofs Programme for Foreign Market Development of the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) - the German Energy Agency. It illustrates the advantages and possibilities of solar applications in Costa Rica and showcases solar technology "made in Germany"- an innovative, high quality and sustainable technology.

After Namibia, Singapore, Shanghai, Cairo and Jakarta the Solar Roof Costa Rica is SUNSET’s sixth successfully implemented project under the framework of the dena Solar Roofs Programme. Please also visit the websites of our other projects.

Please also visit the websites of our other projects.

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